Rhythm of Life: React

React: “What do I do?”

It is said a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Even with a clear directive and specific gear and supplies it is still possible for the aforementioned work put into the ROL go to waste. Resources can be squandered, responsibilities abdicated, opportunities missed without the effort to put them all into motion. No one has explored a new path, learned a new skill or experienced a new frontier from the comfort of their couch. Spiritual growth is no different.

Growth, change and transformation find their fullest expression and impact when accompanied by action or movement. As a matter of fact, movement, action and progress are inherent in change, development and maturity. Without the former there isn’t the latter.

More properly speaking, the fourth phase of the ROL is not simply seeking random, haphazard movement lacking direction but it is forged to cultivate a re-action. It pushes to the forefront the question, “In light of what I learned, experienced and know — about God’s character and will for my life, my family, and my neighbors — what do I do now?” It is the step that casts our lives in a new direction, more in alignment with Christ. It alters our trajectory creating a new opportunity to ask, “Where am I now?”  

  • What are you to do about what God is saying to you?
    • So, now what?
      • What responsibility to do you feel?
      • What action are you being called to?
      • What step of faith would move you become more like Jesus, more mature or more whole?
      • How has this experience changed or transformed you (return to Step 1)?

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