Rhythm of Life: Reflect

Reflect: “What did I hear?”

When you stop to think about it, we hear a lot of sounds, clamor and noises that never really register with us. We catch bits of the couple at the table next to us rehashing their weekend, a co-worker droning along about meeting notes, or a television buzzing in the background. Only when we focus or tune-in to what we hear does it have the opportunity to impact us. When we do listen we might hear something that matters to us, the final score of our team’s latest game, tip off to a secret fishing hole or a rumour about a staffing change in the office.

Sometimes hearing from God is the same. Although, we must hold tightly to the belief that God wants to communicate, impress or engage with us on a regular, moment by moment basis. Mike Breen from 3DM says it like this, “It is the privilege of every Christian to hear the voice of their Father.” And more often than not, God does not use neon signs, news headlines or a booming voice from within a passing cloud. Hearing from God, requires we stop talking and start listening. This might be the reason we have two ears and one mouth!

The third phase of the ROL is crafted to help lower the volume on the white noise of our lives in order to focus on God’s interaction with us. However, we must be open to the possibility that God’s communication with us is not auditory. His “voice” might be more  like a feeling, a conviction, a orchestrated set of circumstances or a story. All of these can be used by God to confirm his love, grace and mercy for us and the world around us.

So, after Connecting, ask yourself:

  • Did the previous step provide comfort or conviction, peace or insecurity, unity or alienation?
    • In light of this, what is God saying?
  • What area(s) of life does this impact directly?
    • Relationships (God, spouse, kids, friends, co-workers, etc.)
    • Work
    • Downtime
    • Church
    • Neighbors(hood)
  • Who can you or do you need to share this experience with?
    • What is needed from them?
      • Accountability?
      • Encouragement?
      • Wisdom?
      • Perspective?
  • How does this experience contribute to your personal wholeness and the world’s?
    • To your health?
    • To your relationships?
    • To your transformation and redemption.

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