Rhythm of Life: Connect

Connect: “What do I need?”

Once a gardner has assessed the soil, its condition and their own intent, they must ask, “If I am going grow fruits (vegetables or flowers), what do I need to have (supplies) or do (actions) in order to have this garden flourish?” Seed? Fertilizer? Weeding? Watering? Likewise, thought has to be given to the purpose of the garden. Is it to feed a family, provide beauty, or is it simply a stress relieving hobby? The answer to the question about purpose addresses issues of space, choice of seeds and amount of time spent, etc.

The second phase of Rhythm of Life (ROL) is designed to offer a myriad of options for one’s spiritual journey to Christlikness. We have to ask what is needed to move from immaturity to maturity and to facilitate growth and change? What supplies must I have and what practices do I need to engage. This is not about what we are good at, what we like or about what do we already know. It’s about asking what is essential to push us further into the will and character of God, toward wholeness and holiness, then seeking out those resources, experience or opportunities.

Sometimes it will be necessary to learn something new, explore and even fail in order to embrace what is needed. But, viewing these spiritual disciplines as means and not as ends is vitally important. These exercises were created or embodied by those who have gone before us, so we can get lost in the being and not the doing:

  • Engage a spiritual discipline:
    • Ask/Request: For what? From whom?
    • Compassion: Who needs what you have the most?
    • Confession: What do you need to admit?
    • Fasting: What is distracting you from hearing God’s voice or seeing his activity?
    • Pray: What do you have to say to God?
    • Examen (Reflection): Have you slowed down enough to see where your life is going and where it has come from?
    • Release: What do you need to let go of?
    • Repent/Renounce: How do you need to change?
    • Sacrifice: What do you need to give up?
    • Service: Who can you serve?
    • Silence: What would it look like for you to be quiet and still?
    • Solitude: When was the last time you were intentionally alone?
    • Study: What have you learned about God and his character?
    • Worship: How can you acknowledge God for who he is?
  • Actively seek an experience with God.
    • A spiritual retreat.
    • Fast
    • Take a hike
  • Self source input.
    • Books
    • Conversations/Interviews
    • Podcast
    • Video
    • Music
  • Conversation and Dialogue
    • Who to you need to talk with?

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