Rhythm of Life: Assess

Assess: “Where am I now?”

Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” And maybe that “someplace else” is not where you want to be.  Spiritual growth and transformation require intentionality. Without intentionality we will wander aimlessly hoping change will happen on its own. It will not.

No gardner hopes to pick flowers, fruits or vegetables without having planted the seeds he wants to harvest. Things that grow by themselves are called “weeds.” Nor do gardners simply scatter seeds without considering the soil and what already lives in it.

The first step in getting to where we want to be spiritually is often taken for granted because we think we already know where are and jump to what we need. All to often we are in too much of a rush to get to the “good parts” of maturity, wisdom and change, without accurately taking stock of our current condition.

It has to be admitted up front that understanding where we are spiritually is not as easy as pointing to a spot on a road map.  To grow spiritually we must take the time to understand the current condition of not only our soul, but our relationships, our emotions, our mental state, the season of life we are in, internal and external pressures weighing in on us.

To see where we are or to diagnose ourselves takes time, intentionality and can be uncomfortable comfortable, not to mention some skill and honestly. IT may even require the help of someone else to get an accurate reading.

This first phase in the Rhythm of Life is created to help provide a starting point. Once an assessment of where you are is understood, then a map, trajectory or plan can be laid out to move from here to there. Below are some questions designed to serve as a diagnostic for determining your current state of being. Remember these questions are not about where you want to be, but where you actually are. They may not all apply and you may need to add some of your own.

  • What season of life are you in?
    • Describe what is happening in
    • Describe what is around you?
      • Why do think this is so?
  • Describe the current state of your relationship with God.
    • Describe the state of your other relationships:
      • Yourself.
      • Your spouse.
      • Your family (immediate and extended).
      • With others.
  • What are your spheres of influence (areas you can make an impact or change)
    • Work
    • Family
    • Neighborhood/Community
  • Spheres of concern (areas that have stirred your heart, but you have little or no leverage to impact or change)
    • Politics
    • Refugees
    • Homelessness
    • Socio-Economic

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