My (Safari) Reading List

I like lists. To-Do lists. Shopping lists. Itineraries and agendas. I think in lists. I have a very sequential mind.

My Macbook Pro makes it easy for me to organize one list in particular, my reading list. Essentially, “Reading List” it is a feature of the Safari web browser that allows me to bookmark web articles and read them when I have time. It also has a “reader” feature that cuts out all the Ads and junk that accompany the articles, so I can read interrupted by videos, crawls or flashing advertisements.

Throughout out the week I comb through Facebook, follow links and pop onto sites looking for articles that will keep me up to date on things happening in and around  the church. I bookmark the ones that peak my interest, ones that I feel I need to learn more about or ones that just sucker me in. They are not always good or profitable.

Here is the list of articles I had on my reading list this week and worked through this morning. They are in no particular order, this is just how I racked them.

  1. Are You Too Christian for Non-Christians?
    “Amount of Time x Depth of Relationship x Unbelievers”
  2. Five Questions for Christians Who Believe the Bible Supports Gay Marriage
    “You’ve studied the issue, read some books, looked at the relevant Bible passages and concluded that Scripture does not prohibit same-sex intercourse so long as it takes place in the context of a loving, monogamous, lifelong covenanted relationship.”
  3. 9 Things You Should Know About Transgendersim
    “Transgenderism is an umbrella term for the state or condition of identifying or expressing a gender identity that does not match a person’s physical/genetic sex.”
  4. Leading Better by Improving the Way You Communicate
    “Probably 75% of the problems we face, at home, at work, and at church are related to poor communication…”
  5. Why I Am No Longer a Church Planter
    “Church planting is too hard to be just a convenient job or a project to increase your self-esteem.”
  6. I’m A Southern Baptist and I love a Man
    “Many of our churches would have us believe that the “brotherly love” the Bible encourages must somehow develop over a bowl of buffalo wings while watching a UFC fight. This, too, is a lie.”

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