Coincidence Or Gifting?

(Its past 2am and I am awake, so why not blog?)

Yesterday I walked into my local Starbucks to get some work done on our church plant. I was unintentionally off work, so I thought I would redeem the day by plowing through some stuff.

When I walked in the line was long and packed with teenagers. The local high school had a late start I guess. Instead of standing in line I sat down to read my Bible and waited for the line to subside.

While I was sitting there I overheard two guys talking. Needless to say, I did not read much. At first, I just thought it was two friends meeting up for a cup-o-joe.  But as I eavesdropped I heard they were talking about theology, church and discipleship.  One guy was casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. The other was dress in a sport coat and tie. Both where young-ish looking and I figured one was a church practitioner (pastor) and the other was a professor at DenSem. I thought nothing of it, other then I wanted to join their conversation.

Once the line died down, I got up to order my Pumpkin Spice Latte and in doing so moved locations in the store. I came to rest at an 8 person table, all by myself. With my PSL in hand I unloaded my computer, books and note pads and set to work. Not long after someone walked up to my conference table and asked to sit down. Since it a was big table with lots of space I agreed and shrank the real estate I was consuming. As this total stranger sat down he noticed my books: The Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsch and Building a Disciplining Culture by Mike Breen and Steve Cockram.

At this, the stranger leaned over and said, “I noticed the books you have. Are you a pastor?” I said yes and answered more correctly that I was church planter.  Turns out his was elder at a local church and a representative for Family Life, a faith based organization that helps churches grow, strengthen and protect the marriages and families within their communities. (At our parting I confessed to this stranger that when he sat down I guessed he was a pastor. Ha, close!)

As we were talking I noticed someone walk into Starbucks, walk out and walk back in. Turns out it was another pastor/ministry leader I know.  Oddly enough this pastor and the stranger sitting next to me knew each other too. We all talked about our various kingdom efforts and other local churches.

After I left Starbucks, I thought to myself, “Man I run into a lot of Christians everywhere I go.” This happens enough to me that I even wondered if the stat that says 9 out of 10 people in Rocky Mountain area are unchurched is actually true, because I must be meeting all of the 1 out of 10s.

As I thought about all the Christ followers I meet, I began to wonder what this said about me. Here are some of things I came up with:

  • I have some kind of Christian radar.
  • I am more comfortable talking with people who are participates in the faith about faith than I am with observers of the faith.
  • I am more geared towards discipleship than evangelism.
  • This makes sense because a lot of my time is spent guiding, counseling and caring for Christians (particularly younger, up and coming church leaders).
  • I am inclined to be a builder of the church than an expander of the church.

Taking a conscious look at who you keep running into might be a good way to understand how you are gifted and wired. It might be a good revealer of one’s calling in the kingdom of God.

What does the kind of people you keep meeting say about you?


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