Updating My Resume

Every now and again it is good to update your resume.  Sometimes you do this in order to find a new job and sometimes you do it in order to list a new job.  I am doing the latter.

Over my life I have had numerous jobs. Some were just that, “jobs” and some were “careers.”

  • Server in a restaurant
  • Operations Manger for a delivery company
  • Phone Book delivery guy
  • Warehouse worker for Sears
  • Lot jockey at Mazada dealership
  • Christmas Tree salesman/parking lot attendant
  • Pizza maker at Little Caesars
  • Kirby Salesman (1 day)
  • Executive at Target
  • Pastor

Now, I get to update my resume and add a new job: Church Planter.

Over the past several weeks, through conversations, suggestions and confirmations I feel God is calling me to plant a church (probably in the south Denver Metro area).

This is not a matter of job security (clearly, if you know anything about church planting), frustration or ego.  For me it truly is a call to faithfulness and obedience. Success or failure in this adventure is irrelevant. All that matters is faithfulness, because faithfulness is success before God.

More details will follow soon!


2 thoughts on “Updating My Resume

  1. May the Lord’s calling for the church plant succeed through you! That is wonderful that you are following God’s lead and not going out on your own to prove a point…May your labor prove to be fruitful!
    Ali Smith

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