Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

 “Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs
performed by the apostles.” Acts 2:43

Recently, I led a backyard discussion on the end of Acts 2. In this section we came across verse 43, where it speaks about “signs and wonders.” Usually as Western American Evangelicals we blow past this verse because if you are not Pentecostal or Charismatic, it freaks you out. The freaked out try to come up with ways to discount or marginalize these events: the 1st century was a more primitive culture and they were more susceptible to the supernatural, we are more sophisticated, we have science to explain things now, God does not do these things anymore.

The wonders were miracles. Healing, exorcisms, needs met. All the things that we see Jesus doing, were still being done at the birth of the church.

The signs were for verification. They were proof of the power of God and the presence of his Spirit in the disciples/apostles and the people.

Today we function with signs all the time.  Signs verify what street we are on, what line we need to stand in and which bathrooms is appropriate for us to pee in.

Signs inform, warn, direct and clarify.

But what would a sign from God look like that informs, directs and clarifies?

Here is an example. A few months ago while in my coffee shop office I notice a guy wearing a Golden Gate Seminary t-shirt. Being a graduate of the seminary I walked over and introduced myself. I told him I went to the SoCal campus and my wife went to the Mill Valley campus. I asked which he went to. He told me he never went to Golden Gate but Denver Seminary.

I was a little perplexed, but he explained he graduate from DenSem, but wanted to promote Golden Gate (notice I did not mention his name?). I also found he was a pastor in town starting a new church. All very cool.

Fast forward to last week. I got fired from my job. As a result we needed to enroll our youngest son in traditional school to open the possibility for my wife, Debra, to find some part time work.

When we went to drop off our son for his first day of school our hearts were heavy, to say the least. This was the end of several things, one of which was homeschooling our boys, which we had done for nearly a decade. But as we were wondering about the school yard, I saw a familiar shirt, a Golden Gate Seminary shirt. It was the same guy from the coffee shop I had met months before.

It turns out he has several kids who go to the same school. He told us it was a great school. He informed us we were in the wrong spot to drop of our boy and directed us to the correct line-up spot for 2nd graders. Which as you might guess, he too had a 2nd grader in the school. As a matter of fact, he had a son in the same 2nd grade class as our 2nd grade son! This all helped me breath a little easier about enrolling our son in school so quickly and throwing him a huge curve ball.

Was this chance? Coincidence? Did the stars align at just the right time for us?

No! In an Acts 2:43 way I took it as a sign that this was the right move for our family at this time. It was verification that this was a good place for our boy to learn and make friends. It confirmed to me that this move to school would be OK.

Signs and wonders still exist. We just have to keep our eye open for them in order to see God’s movement.


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