Of All the Things

For a long time I have wanted to travel to the Holy Land (Terra Sancta), ever since I was a kid and faith become a pivotal part of my life. Now, that I am here I realize that this trip can turned into a lot of things.

Of all the things it could have been:

  • A reason to travel the world.
  • An academic learning experience.
  • A continuing educational course for occupational advancement.
  • An escape.
  • The fulfillment of a dream or goal.
  • A bullet point on my resume.
  • A ego boost.
  • A networking opportunity.

Of all the things this trip could have been, I am most hopeful it is and will continue to be a conduit that contacts me to God.
An important visit to the roots of my faith.
A further solidification of a belief that is continually moving from my head to my heart.
A conversation with places and locations allowing to tell their storied interactions with their Creator.
A first hand experience of seeing and feeling a relationship with God chaperoned by history and time as my guide.


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