The Last Couple Days

In the last couple days we have:

Gone to the beach to swim in Mediterranean Sea, body surf and play frisbee with some locals. That blob is a jelly fish btw.







Meeting people in a Tel Aviv park with the Soup Kitchen crew from Calvary Chapel Tel Aviv. (Ask Wendy about her new boyfriend “Alexander.”)










Went shopping in the Shook, a open air market with amazing spices, fruit and tons of souvenir junk.

Supported our worship team, Jospeh and Tammy Bamber (aka Chasing Summer), as they played a live, impromptu show in a local coffee shop called “Dugit.”

We traveled to Haifa to work at Kehilart HaCarmel, on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18), which is a shelter for displaced Sudanese women and children and the home of a Messianic Congregation.

Stopped by the Ba’ha’i Shine garden in Haifa.









Prepared for Shabbat, which started today at sun down.









Today we leave Tel Aviv and head north to Galilee.


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