Food for the Hungry

I am sitting in the lobby of my hotel in Tel Aviv.  To my left, just two blocks away, I can see the sun melting into the warm Mediterranean Sea. It was a long journey getting here.IMG_1958

Denver to LaGuardia, 3.5 hours.

A shuttle from LGA to John F. Kennedy, with the layover time 6 hours.
A flight from JFK to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.
All in all, roughly, 7000+ miles and about 35 hours of travel.

Our first full day in Israel was spent working in a “food bank,” of sorts, that is run by Christ followers and provides food for both Jews and Arabs. They are not the either-or Christians that work on behalf of only one of the two peoples groups in this land, but are the both-and kind. They simply want to show people that the love of God has impacted their lives through Christ and so in turn they respect and love the people of Israel regardless of whether they are Israeli or Palestinian and regardless if they believe in Jesus or not (its actually against the law in Israel to even maybe, kinda, sorta imply that people can get food if they accept a particular religious belief.)

In the 8 hours we worked today, the 20 of us loaded 32 pallets with food that will be distributed by 10 churches around Israel. This huge amount of food will feed roughly 6400 for a month!*



We loaded case after case of olives, pasta, canned cucumbers, jam, rice, toilet paper and other basic food items. There was no AC, but they did provide us with lunch and drinks! That was all we needed to sweat like pigs (will work for lunch)!

Here is the crazy thing about this impactful humanitarian effort happening in Israel run by people who serve Jesus; I can’t post its name, where it is located or who works there! They asked us to not post their name on FB or other places and only take pictures if we had too. It appears they have received some unwanted attention from the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel which has resulted some harassment.

All in all it was a hard, sweaty day, but a day of good work from 20 peple who just met yesterday and worked for the kingdom of God. A day of restoring hope and respect to God’s beloved people.

Now its time for bed.

*the math works out like this: 32 pallets ÷ 2 + two zeros (this equals the number of families fed) x 4 = 6400 (the number of estimated individuals fed.)


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