What’s Your Story

One of my favorite things to do when I meet a someone I don’t know is to go out to coffee with them to hear their story.  The tale of there life…so far.  I am actually more interested in where they came from than with where they are think they are going.  Their story is concrete and absolute.  There is no denying it, getting around it or changing it.  It is part of them.  It is the journey they have traveled to whined up in a coffee shop talking to me.

The future on the other hand is all dreams, wannas and could be’s. It is not your story. It is potential and hypothetical.  You can plan your future, but as good as your plans maybe, planning guaranties nothing! The future has done nothing for you. It hasn’t made you into anything yet. And the moment it does you will call it your “past” and it becomes part of your story.

Recently, someone asked me if I had ever written out my story.  I hadn’t, so this then become something on my to do list.

Writing out my story has caused to me remember things I had forgotten or stored deep within my brain.  It allows me to relive those times that have been long dead to the real world.  It has taken me places geographically (I was born in Jersey and lived most of my life in So.Cal), emotionally (remembering old friends and old fights), and mentally (the wallpaper of my first bed room and the freckles on my best friends face).

It also pushes me look at myself.  Take stock of my life. Confront my demons.  Appreciate my family. Process my upbringing. Recognize patterns. And piece together events and situation. My story, written out, becomes a road map of me.  It tells me how I got from some place to this place.

The past is constant companion.  We should get to know it, be familiar with it and understand it.  Because, if we don’t we will never know it is a good sidekick and not a crazy stalker.

So, what’s your story?


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