Sunday Morning Hobby

Because I work at a church that holds its main worship gathering on Tuesday nights and not Sunday mornings, I have time for a hobby I started about 3 years ago.

After moving to Denver and meeting a lot of pastors in the area I thought it would be fun to visit their churches.  So, I just started going to church on Sundays.  I don’t tell anyone I am going, I journal the order of service and critique the sermon. This allows me to steal what I like and leave the rest.  Over the past three years I have visited these Churches:

  • New Denver Church
  • Denver United Church
  • Greenwood Community Church
  • L2 Church
  • Pathways Uptown
  • Ecclesia Denver
  • Red Rocks Church
  • Fellowship Denver Church
  • Cherry Hills Community Church
  • Calvary Church (2x)
  • Mission Hills Community Church
  • Westwoods Community Church
  • Bloom Church (2x once to visit and once to teach)
  • Valley View Christian Church
  • Adullam Communities Denver
  • The Sanctuary Downtown
  • South Suburban Christian Church
  • Trailhead Church Denver

Churches I still want to check out:

  • Scum of the Earth
  • Flatirons Community Church (its just so far)
  • Park Church
  • Forefront Church
  • Red Denver
  • Redemption Church Denver

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