Silent Retreat Day 2

March 31, 2012 Silent Retreat Day 2

I did not know what to expect for day two. As I think everyday with God should be. But the unexpected happened: I got sick.

Achy body.
Thumping headache.
Runny nose.

I thought going to bed early that night would help.  It didn’t.  It’s hard to sleep when you bunk with a grizzly bear (love you bro!).

I went on the retreat to connect with God and be refreshed. In all practical ways being sick did not help achieve that goal.  I wanted to write some, pray some and go for a hike. The weather this year was exceptional compared to last year’s freezing temperatures and snow flurries.

Some of this happened and some did not.

I have wondered at the timing of getting sick, literally, just as we began our time of silence. Hmmm.

Was this God’s way of telling me my plans are not his plans?  Was this a way to slow me down, creating a longing for the comfort of my wife and home? Or was it simply a way of stripping down all my defenses.  I don’t know. And I might never know. All I know is I am sick.

But as much as I wanted to sleep (and I took a few naps) I was not going to check out of this time pursing God.  It is a unique time. One that comes but once a year in my case. So, no matter how I felt I still wanted to lean into the silence and the solitude.

And I did just that:

I still read a book: Living the Resurrection by Eugene Peterson.
I still wrote: you are reading it.
I still reviewed a well known preacher via podcast: Steven Furtick.
I still prayed the daily offices: Morning, Midday, Vespers and Compline.
I still spent time in silence and solitude.

That night I went to bed praying for peace, rest and no bears.


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